Why Mushrooms

El Hongo Magico translates to the Magical Mushroom. We chose this name for our small business because we became super fans of the fungi kingdom and all the magical healing it offers to us in life.

Mushrooms offer the taste and texture that you enjoy when you take a bite of your dish. We had this experience for the first time while travelling in Mexico. We ordered chilaquiles that came with a side of mushrooms and were shocked to learn what looked like a seared piece of steak on our plate, was a seared oyster mushroom!

From then, we explored every mushroom dish we could find and Mexico did not disappoint. We came home inspired to create our own dishes using the mushrooms we had so frequently ignored! Recipes that were created in our kitchen were later perfected by our Chef Director, Michael Flores.

This meal and all the others during this trip, taught us that our cultural roots are more plant-based than we knew. It empowered us to go back to the food we grew up with and make it plant-based.

Mushrooms offer many medical benefits that have been reported. These include decreasing the risk of cancer, lowering sodium intake, promoting lower cholesterol, protecting brain health, and stimulating a healthier gut.

We were intentional in adding mushrooms to our daily diet and now we bring those experiences and inspirations to you in our fully plant-based Mexican menu featuring mushrooms.

We love sharing our food and our traditions with you because we believe in the healing power of eating plant-based. We believe it because we have healed eating this way. When this picture was taken, we had not yet experienced all the benefits that eating plant-based offers. At that moment, we were simply excited to be eating tacos again.

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